Toward an open core R&D model

I lastly changed completely CRIMERE website, giving to it a collaborative Platform orientation. My purposes are to create a space where research and industry can discuss and exchange their views. Practically speaking, it means that I am slowly opening all my research works and industrial projects I am involved in, giving open access to draft notes, industrial projects, articles in preparation, and letting space to discuss them through CRIMERE website. Is this openness really a naive economical model ?

Would I were an industrial, such a move could be an economical suicide, since I am giving open access to my R&D projects. Would I were a researcher, such a move could be a intellectual suicide, since I am offering for free my research directions.

However, CRIMERE is not a R&D department, nor it is research institute. It lies between research and industry, and could be viewed as a missing link between them: a network of small, independent, business oriented, researchers able to connect these two venerable actors of innovation.  This company has been created with the idea of filling this gap, stimulating Research and Industry, helping them to match their views.

To industry, we propose to innovate, increasing their competitiveness, through our R&D projects. Projects are currently impacting several sectors, with which we have contacts: Finance, Defense, Avionic / Spatial, Image, …. the applications we have in mind can be deduced quite easily from our research thematics, and can be discussed openly through CRIMERE forums. This should stimulate industrials a little: there are plenty of valuable patents to get there if they are reactive enough, and we can switch to privacy mode on specific demands.

To researchers, CRIMERE proposes to collaborate: CRIMERE proposes new fields and directions of research, coming from concrete industrial applications, for which academical competencies are needed. Here, there is fame and glory to get for those that are quick and open minded enough, stepping in a structured industrial / academic project.

In some situations, having an open economical model is naive. This is the case for industry for competitiveness reasons, but also for big research institutes, for corporatism reasons. However, openness means above all efficiency by collaborative leverage. Being an open structure is a competitive advantage that a small company as CRIMERE can afford, due to its economical model and position into the innovation market. This company can potentially stress out very efficiently Research and industry actors, in order to increase their productivity in the innovation creation process. Notice that such a model is not new: Bio tech sector uses it successfully since some years now.