CRIMERE is a (one!) human sized young French technological innovative Limited Liability Company, created Feb.2005 by Jean-Marc Mercier. This company is dedicated to host, develop, structure and coordinate the research programs of its owner.

This activity is funded through financial consulting services, states grants, and we also provide services around CRIMERE's initiatives.


CRIMERE is currently hosting three research programs:

  • Optimally Transported schemes. An innovative and performing numerical analysis technology, having potential applications in Finance, Metrology, Spatial, Architecture...Granted by OSEO. Code and research papers in open access.
  • Quantification of economical crisis risk. A research program targeting to develop a new approach to measure the risk of economical crisis, in order that risk professionals takes it into account. Code and research papers in open access.
  • Mnemosine. This project targeting a data hosting / cloud computing solution dedicated to individuals, having strong ethical and democratic aspects. Its long term ambition is to propose an operational framework able to tackle questions related to the preservation and the transmission of the Human Digital Heritage.



CRIMERE defends research programs that this company thinks useful to the community, financially viable, and having potentially high added value. It should remain a very small company: its strategy is to collaborate with public or private partners which activities relate to its projects. To that aim, CRIMERE brings elements proving the feasibility, the scientific interest, and the financial opportunities of such collaborations. These collaborations aim to give a more ambitious framework to the project structure.

CRIMERE is not a public research entity, nor is it a R&D department. CRIMERE's ambitions are to be an efficient link between these structures. The company action is a coordinating one, favoring public and private synergies.  To that aim, we consider high potential research programs for which trans-industrial vision are the best research's catalysts.

Having an open activity through a privately held structure, CRIMERE is trying, with humility, to make a synthesis between private efficiency and public collaborative creativity. We welcome any actor wishing to help us in our thinking effort.


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