Investors / partners: we are looking for you to develop the Mnemosine project !!

we are currently looking for investors  / partners to fund and develop various aspects of the digital economy project Mnemosine hosted by CRIMERE. Targeting them, here is a brief description of this project :

” MNEMOSINE is a project involved in the Technology Information System field. It proposes a breakthough innovation, in term of Internet usage.

This project target a data hosting/cloud computing service, dedicated to individuals having ethical, citizen, and democratic aspects.

Its goals are to build an operational framework (structural, technical, juridical, economical), allowing to safely store and manage personal data in the long term. Its ambition is to tackle the transmission of the digital memory of individuals, in the context of a trans-generational or historical testimony.

This topic is a major concern for the next-to-come big yards of digital economy. Our strategy is to mature now a service proposal together with a credible structure adapted to the management of human, personal data.

To assume the financial aspects of this project, a mutual economic pool is created, together with a specialized company of service. These structures serves a distribution network adapted to the ethical constraint of this project. This network is embodied by MNEMOSINE, a Non Profit Organization thought as a Non Governmental one:  this structure assumes democratic standards, is economically perennial, and dedicate itself to the supervision of the management of personal data of its members. This specificity is the key to reach financial and structural perenity in the long term.”

The first estimation leads to 800000 Euros to be spread in two / three years. Return on invest within four to five years.

Do not hesitate to contact us ! This is a real opportunity for three kind of investors :

a) Individuals, primarily targeted by this project. For these investors, we propose to build a credible structure allowing an ethical, democratic, citizen and perennial management of their personal data. Notably, they will be free to pass down their digital patrimony.

b) National, intergovernmental institutions, but also regional or territorial organizations. For these kind of investors, the MNEMOSINE project allows to develop services designed for individuals in a legitimate framework:  the information system is proprietary and democratically managed by individuals that are liable for their contents.

c) Companies developing a data hosting / cloud computing service, or hosted services to individuals. Some name : Amazon, Microsoft , Google , Rackspace, Sun (already a partner), Facebook, Yahoo. We would be happy to discuss with these companies to convince them that such a project have economical facets of course, but also juridical, technical and ethical (corporate image) that should interest them.

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