Laser Scanner applications : Executive side

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Ressources :

Synopsis :

This Workgroup aims to set on a collaborative process between Industrials and Researchers to provide an efficient guideline for the research part. The goals are

  • To list and precise needs of Laser Scanner users, from a business front user side.
  • Analyzing this needs, to structure a “business executive” summary. This document is intended to help executives taking a decision, discussing the research team structure, delays and stop and go. This documentation is a needed step for an efficient technology transfer to industry

 We welcome any research institutes or industrial actors willing to contribute to these topics. 


Status :

Under Progress / evaluation.


Growing use of Laser Scanner creates new needs among their users, in which software plays a critical role. Among these needs is the painful and cost productive task of retrieving low level information from dense point’s clouds, for instance main break lines or main components of a scanned structure. For such tasks, there are no satisfactory automated tools at our knowledge, and the job is almost done manually.

Such applications are a tempting perspective for the Front users of Laser Scanner industry: aeronautic / spatial / Image industry / architects / numerical heritage. For these sectors, Laser Scanner applications may increase their market presence and / or productivity.

These applications are also tempting for the Laser Scanner industry: the added value is clear for the software business involved in the processing and engineering of dense points clouds, but also impacts Laser Scanner makers, that may focus more efficiently prospect clients primarily targeting those functionalities.

These problems are also very challenging and promising for the scientist community, since it requires a new approach that may be considered as a step towards results and applications in other applied sciences.