Research And Development Services

Referenced Users

We collaborate with referenced users, that are scientists or industrials with whom we have contacts and collaborations. Would you identify a particular need that one of our user  could address, please feel free to contact him directly.

CRIMERE provides Research and Development services to corporate / organizations.

Research and Development Services.

CRIMERE provides outsourced research and integration services around its thematics. We propose to companies or organizations to focus over a particular application linking to our center of interests. Please feel free to browse our existing projects.

Services can be

  • Expertize in Applied Mathematic: Analysis of existing technology, bibliography, feasibility study, mathematical specification, suggestions for external expertise if needed, prototype development.
  • Business Analysis: Information system, cost estimation, technical specifications.
  • Project Management Services: Team management / structuration, in-house or outsourced code production.

Hosting Projects

You may enthrust CRIMERE to coordinate / animate a particular application or research topic that your organization / company currently need. Crimere can propose to

  • Look for and suggest a team project, using its network to find the right competencies.
  • Suggest an hosting collaborative structure, as CRIMERE website.
  • Take the administrative load.


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