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Welcome to CRIMERE website. Please consult our About pages. This page explains a little bit this site usage, and feel free to browse our pages and to provide any feedback


This Platform has been more precisely designed to favor exchanges between Industry and Researchers (primarily mathematicians). Our intention is to help Research and industry matching their views. To that purpose, this website provide a variety of tools to browse its contents.

  • Forums, regrouping contents regarding a particular topic, either applications oriented or scientist (math) oriented.
  • Work Groups, that are a collaborative space collecting informations over a particular topic.
  • Taxonomy (tags), to browse content of this site regarding hierchically organized key words.
  • Indexes, that is a swiss-knife tool to browse contents of this site by content type.

Would you be a researcher or be impacted by reseach and development, then this initiative may interest you:


This platform supports collaborative research works, scientific publications or peer reviewing for Applied research, and has been primarily designed for Mathematicians. You may be interested if you

  • Look for scientific informations.
  • Have a research topic, but want to share it, looking for advises or collaborations, or want to appreciate any industrial interest before getting involved.
  • Want to discuss your paper works to identify publication reviews, or look for a pre reviewing process.

Industrial / Organization / Non expert individual,

This platform is more precisely intended to help research and industry matching their center of interest. You may be interested if you

  • Look for informations or want to discuss applications feasability.
  • Have a project requiring a scientific research and want to discuss a team project structure.
  • Find competencies and / or an hosting structure to start a Research Project.

CRIMERE is a company which purposes are to promote Research through innovations. We favor research projects issued from concrete applications. Up to now, most of our works belongs to Applied Mathematics.

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