Collaborative Platform Services.


Free Hosting Services

CRIMERE purposes are to favor exchanges between industry and researchers. Following this philosoqphy, we host for free any open research project (open to anybody for consultation and discussion). Would you like to open and administrate a new research project, you are very welcome to present it to us. We encourage you to discuss it first through the Forum, then to use our contact page (feature request).

Hosting Services.

For industries for which confidentiality is needed for competitiveness, we propose to host a collaborative research Platform dedicated to their R&D project. There are three main options to that aim:

  • Hosting a research confidential forum project at CRIMERE main site.
  • Hosting a research project as a clone of CRIMERE site into CRIMERE website (i.e. In this case, you enthrust CRIMERE for maintenance and administration of the research site.
  • Hosting a research structure as a clone of CRIMERE Platform at your production site, with options of thrusting CRIMERE for the maintenance / administration of the collaborative Platform.

Please feel free to contact us for more informations (product information).

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