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Providing Technological Innovations to our Customers

Company Profile

CRIMERE is a (human sized) young French technological innovative Limited Liability Company. This company has connections to public French research organisms (INRIA, CNRS), and public innovative investment organisms (OSEO).

CRIMERE is a privately held company, that initiates innovative, open, ethical, research programs.  Historically, CRIMERE considered scientist (applied mathematics) research programs. CRIMERE is also considering projects involved in the numerical economy. Browse through our projects on the left panel.

CRIMERE is a pragmatic company : to give an efficient orientation to its research, CRIMERE identifies public and private actors of sectors potentially impacted by its projects. We propose to discuss with these actors a research program structure, in order to develop a technological innovation, that CRIMERE think possible on the basis of the company scientist knowledge. We provide services around this idea.

Mission and vision

CRIMERE is not a public entity, nor it is a R&D department. CRIMERE aspires to be an efficient link to these structures, considering projects for which trans-industrial problematic are the best research catalyst, but for which public competencies are needed.

The company "raison d’ętre" is to be a hub for its projects, federating and concentrating expertise. The company action is a coordinating one, favoring public and private synergies. Having an open activity through a privately hold structure, CRIMERE is trying, with humility, to make a synthesis between private efficiency and public collaborative creativity.

A short presentation of the company may be found here ( English ), (French).

We welcome any actor wishing to help us in our thinking effort.

CRIMERE has been created by Jean-Marc Mercier.

Contact Information

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CRIMERE, 196 rue Saint Maur, 75010 Paris, France
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Please send any other requests to CRIMERE CEO

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